Saturday, February 21, 2009

Say 'Goodbye' to your kneecaps, Chuklehead...

Team Fortress 2 is one of the best multiplayer games out there. These pics are the first in a series I'll be drawing. All the pics will be the characters, weapons, and buildings that are a part of the TF2 universe. I'll be going in order of how they appear on screen when you are choosing a class.
The first is called The Scout. Insidentally, the Scout will be given a very cool update for the game soon: new weapons, maps, etc. Here I've drawn him showcasing two of his new toys: The Sandman (bat) and "Bonk" energy drink.
We start with the finished B&W...

...and finish with the color version. The colored version isn't as great on account of me not owning a Photoshop program of any kind. It's all done with markers, sharpies or otherwise. It's the best I could do with what I had, so I hope you like it.
Trying to capture the TF2 style is also a difficult task. If you care to know what the artwork should look like, check it out here.
All artwork © 2009 Jeremy Owen
I'll try to have another pic ready by tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

By Jove...I seem to be stuck in a rut...

Well, from the looks of things, 3⁄4 of the pictures I've posted have been from the Victorian era (Holmes, The Illusionist, and now this.)
Today's pic was a sketch I did this past week: the by-product of nothing to do by listen to my proffesors talk. For the next post, I'll try to get you something more modern.
I edited to have that yellowed, olding paper type feel. The colors were actually a lot more vibrant, but this seemed appropriate.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
I'll have another pic or two (or three) for you this weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Elementary, my dear Watson...

I'm reallly excited. There's a new movie adaptation of Sherlock Holmes coming in December, and Robert Downey Jr. is set in the title role! I guess Jude Law is playing Watson, and you can't go wrong with that either. I sure hope they make this good. I've been waiting for a good adaptation.
If you're interested, there are some production stills here and here.
For now's the pic.
© 2009 Jeremy Owen

Nothing is as it seems...

Today's post is more in depth: the finished product is more than just a sketch. If you've seen the movie "The Illusionist", you'll know who's portrayed in the picture. If you haven't, you should just go rent and watch it. It's a pretty cool flick.

So here we start out with the sketch...

...and a start with the inking...

...a little more...

...almost done...

...there. Finished ink outline. Now let’s add some 'color' for fun...

...and the finished product.

All artwork © 2009 Jeremy Owen

This took a while to complete (school is so stupid), but I hope you enjoy. I know I did.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You are my center when I spin away...

Here's the first pic of 2009. I've only finished, maybe, 3. What? I know. School, and I'll probably say this throughout the blog, is stupid. I know you learn lots of things, but it takes so much time... Oh, well. Radiohead has to be one of my favorite bands. Thom Yorke is probably one of the most influncial people that has shaped my musical style. And yes...those are all Radiohead lyrics. The songs are: Paranoid Android, Knives Out, A Punchup at a Wedding, High and Dry, Prove Yourself, and Videotape. See if you can spot some individual words.
From left to right: Colin Greenwood, Thom Yorke, Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway, and Jonny Greenwood.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
Hope you like it. It was great fun drawing it.

Here's a little Thom Yorke to get you in the mood. This is the 'acoustic' piano version of "Videotape".