Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Can Has Gone

Summer will be over before we know it, so thought I'd do another summer themed picture. The other day, I was driving along, past an elementary school where I live, and I see this couple playing frisbee in their swimwear. I wanted to draw them, but not exactly how they were. I'm always looking for ways to make my pics funny, and it finally hit me. I hope you all enjoy the humor; it's so true: a guy doing pretty much anything for his girlfriend. Some guys will do anything for a pretty lady.
Wait...hold on guys...
..."What's that honey?"
..."You want me to categorize your sock drawer alphabetically?"
Ummm...I gotta go guys.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
I'll post when I can.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost Year

"Oh, for a year we were strong and courageous,
but we lost it somehow.
Oh, if there was something that could have saved us
we'd have found it by now.

"'Cause nothing's a breeze...
...we suffer...we bleed...
...for two hearts to beat as one.
We learn as we go,
but at least now we know...
...something we can't become."

I've been listening to MuteMath's new album "Armistace" lately, and while there isn't a stinker on the whole album (I stongly recommend you go out and get it), my favorite song would have to be the second to last on the album, entitled 'Lost Year.' The music is amazing and the lyrics deep. It's a pretty sad song, perhaps reflecting a difficult time in Paul Meany's life (Paul's the lead singer and songwriter). I've been feeling kind of the same way, not really knowing where life's going to take me, as well as having to accept things such as rejection and closed doors. But I guess the only thing to do is to press forward and take on life one day at a time...ya know?
Today's picture is my reflection of the lyrics above, which are from 'Lost Year.' It's another one of my rare serious pictures, but being serious every once in a while can't hurt. This picture goes out to everyone who's been rejected, talked down on, abused, or hurt in any way (which, I'm sure, covers all of us.)
To hear "Lost Year", just scroll down through the playlist below...and you should find it.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
I'll have some new ones soon.
Keep the faith, all.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friends I Have Known # 7

First off, these two are not boyfriend girlfriend. They're brother and sister, and I tried to capture each personality as they come across to me. The guy was always trying his best to stay straight faced and serious, and the girl was always trying to make him smile. And if you look real close, he's trying to hide a smile by looking away (but the corner of his mouth is almost about to turn up.) I hope they like it, and I hope you all like it too.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Huhwhahuh #3

This one was about as random as it gets. I forget what I was talking about...thinking about...doing...but all of a sudden, I asked, "What do you think it would look like if Ronald McDonald was fighting a group of ninjas?" And so, this picture was born. Say what you will, but I loved doing this one. It has been probably one of the most enjoyable pieces I've ever put out. These random ones only happen once in a while, so enjoy it (or don't) while you can.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Famous People Who Are Actually Kinda Cool #1

Behold...a new segment! And the title comes from the simple fact that so many famous people out there take their famousness for granted...or are just stuck up gits. Either way, this new segment is devoted to the few of the famous that are actually talented and seem like genuine people...or are just plain cool.
To start the segment off, I thought it'd be good to choose someone who is multitalented and who tries to balance these many talents. And if there was someone famous I'd like to hang out with, it would probably be Zooey Deschanel. She's quirky, random, talented, beautiful, and funny. And beside her acting career, she tries to maintain a part-time stint as of one of the halves of the musical act 'She and Him.' I confess I haven't heard much of her music, but it's always engaging to see someone famous balance both an acting and musical career. you go: a refresher of what Zooey actually looks like...and my version of her. She has those super light blue eyes...which seems to give her that far away look in her eyes almost all the time.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
Hope you all enjoy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Petrov Und Der Wolf

I've always enjoyed children's books, as well as animated movies, and this is yet another. It just popped into my head the other day to do my interpretation of Peter and the did. It's a bit darker than the animated version, but it's my own version...right?
Even though I'm not writing much with this post, this picture took me quite a while to complete. And, as always, I must say that messing around in Photoshop is so fun. I experimented a lot with this one. Hope the experiments payed off.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Showcase of Bands # 3

Sorry to have two posts so alike in a row, but this was one of those I've recently finished. I'll try to get some different subject matter on soon. Anyway, today's band isn't really a's a guy. He has a band that backs him (I'm sure), but I'd say he's about as "his own person" as you can get: today's artist is Beck. I tried to draw him by himself, holding a guitar, plus many more, but it wasn't working. So I decided to draw pictures of lines from his song "Loser" alongside him...and I think it worked. It's always up to the eye of the beholder, of course, but I like it. I tried to get as many of the lyrics as possible into the picture...sorry to any diehard Beck fans if I missed your favorite lyric.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

Life's been getting a little hectic lately for me, but, as always, I'll try to get some new ones up when I can.
In the meantime...cheers.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

'It's not Caraline. It's Coraline. Coraline.'

'The cat yawned slowly, carefully, revealing a mouth and tongue of astounding pinkness. "Cats don't have names," it said.

"No?" said Coraline.

"No," said the cat. "Now, you people have names. That's because you don't know who you are. We know who we are, so we don't need names."'

I just recently had time to read a book or two and thought I'd plop down and read another children's story (since they seem to be the only books that can hold my interest these days.) And there had been some hype about the new 'Coraline' movie coming out on DVD soon, so I decided to pick it up and give it a chance. To my surprise, the book had many things that I enjoy in a good book: a good plot, fun characters, an evil villian, dark humor, a slighty, slightly, slighty gothic style, and many others that I won't mention here (for the list would likely go on for a while.)
Anyway, by reading this schpeel, you'll probablly guess what today's picture is of. It seems to have become a bit of a cliché with me (reading a good book and then drawing a picture of it), but...oh well. It's a bit of a tribute to both the look of the film and the desciption from the book. If you've read the book, you'll know what's in the picture and what it signifies. If not...I highly recommend you go read it. It's a relatively short book and reads fast, so not much of your precious time will be wasted.
Hope you all enjoy. More to come soon.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
Coraline film logo © 2009 Focus Features