Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Showcase of Bands # 3

Sorry to have two posts so alike in a row, but this was one of those I've recently finished. I'll try to get some different subject matter on soon. Anyway, today's band isn't really a band...it's a guy. He has a band that backs him (I'm sure), but I'd say he's about as "his own person" as you can get: today's artist is Beck. I tried to draw him by himself, holding a guitar, plus many more, but it wasn't working. So I decided to draw pictures of lines from his song "Loser" alongside him...and I think it worked. It's always up to the eye of the beholder, of course, but I like it. I tried to get as many of the lyrics as possible into the picture...sorry to any diehard Beck fans if I missed your favorite lyric.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

Life's been getting a little hectic lately for me, but, as always, I'll try to get some new ones up when I can.
In the meantime...cheers.

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