Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost Year

"Oh, for a year we were strong and courageous,
but we lost it somehow.
Oh, if there was something that could have saved us
we'd have found it by now.

"'Cause nothing's a breeze...
...we suffer...we bleed...
...for two hearts to beat as one.
We learn as we go,
but at least now we know...
...something we can't become."

I've been listening to MuteMath's new album "Armistace" lately, and while there isn't a stinker on the whole album (I stongly recommend you go out and get it), my favorite song would have to be the second to last on the album, entitled 'Lost Year.' The music is amazing and the lyrics deep. It's a pretty sad song, perhaps reflecting a difficult time in Paul Meany's life (Paul's the lead singer and songwriter). I've been feeling kind of the same way, not really knowing where life's going to take me, as well as having to accept things such as rejection and closed doors. But I guess the only thing to do is to press forward and take on life one day at a time...ya know?
Today's picture is my reflection of the lyrics above, which are from 'Lost Year.' It's another one of my rare serious pictures, but being serious every once in a while can't hurt. This picture goes out to everyone who's been rejected, talked down on, abused, or hurt in any way (which, I'm sure, covers all of us.)
To hear "Lost Year", just scroll down through the playlist below...and you should find it.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
I'll have some new ones soon.
Keep the faith, all.

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  1. I really, really like this one!!:) Being serious every once in a while isn't so bad at all... :P Keep it up!