Monday, February 25, 2013

Rethink Violence

This is for the first round of Threadwars VI. The theme for Round 1 was Violence, but, after an extended period of time trying to come up with a concept, I realized that I don't dwell on subjects like violence often, at least not as a theme for something I'm working on. In accordance, I chose to highlight anti-violence instead (which the administrators of the contest said would work just as well). It's not as refined as I'd like (it was completed in a week (and in an even shorter period of time since I didn't have ample opportunity to work on it throughout said week)), but sometimes it's nice to crunch for a deadline. It puts emphasis not only on focus but also on the importance of subject matter (the difference between what is necessary and what is icing). Essentially, this one doesn't have an over-abundance of icing, but I think the cake, although partially faked, isn't half bad.

© 2013 Jeremy Owen
I love you all.
~ J

Monday, February 18, 2013

Writer's Block

This is a collaboration with soloyo on Threadless. He came to me with this idea at the 2011 Threadless Meetup after a keynote presentation highlighting 'creative block'. We tried to go for a broader range of subject matter (as is apparent from the process blog here). Nothing worked until we decided to settle on writer's block, which is something that Nestor (soloyo) struggles with often, being a writer and all. Once we had a firm direction, everything fell into place, minus my drive to finally finish it (again, 2011). Subject matter in mind, I think this of all pieces was not one to rush. Still...sorry for the wait, Nestor.

Concept © 2011 Nestor Gomez
Artwork © 2013 Jeremy Owen