Friday, October 7, 2011

The Gift of Knowledge

Again, this is out of sequence in the order I've been putting out work, but I had to get this one in before the others. It's for a Threadless challenge called 'The Perfect Gift': the challenge is to design something around that phrase. I kinda went outside the box a bit with this one, but I guess that's good, right?
I had this idea sketched out a while ago (before this contest was announced). It had been floating around in my sketch folder for a few weeks, not going anywhere. There were many different versions (lots of erasing and reworks) and nothing seemed to work right. It didn't have any direction until I read the words 'The Perfect Gift'. What is the greatest gift you can give to anyone, something that your child or your friends or even a stranger could all enjoy and benefit from?
That's when it hit me: knowledge. It might be a little bit out of the box (in terms of a gift), but I believe the best gift you can give to someone is information that will help them in the long run. Whether it's educating your child about the Facts of Life, or comparing notes you took in a college course with your study group, or telling a stranger on the bus what time it is, knowledge of information is what we all need and can use in everyday application.
I'm going to try to keep updates as frequent as I can. Thanks for bearing with me.


© 2011 Jeremy Owen

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Neither Can Live While the Other Survives

Sorry for the huge gap in between posts. I've kinda fallen out of touch with posting work. I've had quite a few new ones I've finished but that I haven't posted here. I promise to post them soon.
I've been working on this one for a couple months now, and it's finally ready to be released. This is a collaboration between myself and Victor Maury (aka Moulin Bleu). You can check out his Threadless work here. He came to me with this idea and the initial linework and asked me to do the color work for it.
I'm really happy with the result. It took a while to get the finished product (probably longer than any other piece I've ever worked one.
Vic and I are trying to get some promotion tools rolling, so this won't go up for scoring on Threadless for another week or so. I'll post a link here to where you can score it once it's approved.
Hope this was worth the wait. I'll have more updates soon.

Harry (front print):

Voldemort (back print):


© 2011 Victory Maury/Jeremy Owen

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