Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Terror From Within

This was one that I finished a while ago, for The Flaming Lips Contest on Threadless. Although The Lips are one of my favorites (and the fact that I didn't win), this one pushed my boundaries (in terms of both stylistic flair and concept). I'm not used to drawing nude women (or posting the nude women I draw), but the contest asked for a design based around the newest Flaming Lips album, entitled 'The Terror'. Consequently, I decided to combine my fear of women (which was extremely prevalent in my life growing up but has since relinquished), the fear of falling behind technologically (as doing so (in the art world especially) can cause drawbacks in not only execution but also in motivation and growth), and the fear of the unknown (symbolized by the monstrous shapes emerging from the blob).
© 2013 Jeremy Owen
- J