Friday, March 20, 2009


Here's a pic I drew a while ago, when the Iron Man hype was just starting, back when we just got the news that they were making an Iron Man movie. Even at two years ago, looking back, my skill was very limited. Look at the wrists and the proportions of everything: very exaggerated. This was also done in the day when I only had Sharpie markers at my disposal, but I think it turned out ok...

And here's the updated version. It's my interpretation of the Iron Man DVD cover. I watched it again the other day and was just inspired to draw it. It's a little different: like I's my interpretation, and I don't claim this artwork as original. This is just my version. Props to the person/people who came up with the design.
Interpretation artwork and original artwork © 2009 Jeremy Owen

I just got Photoshop today. I should have many photoshoped versions of pictures coming soon, including a colored version of this one. I'll try to have them up as soon as I can. Enjoy!