Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There's a Spider in the Bathroom

Barely coming in under the submission-deadline wire, here is my entry for the Threadless + Spider-Man  design contest. I haven't really been inspired to do anything for Threadless in a while: they've redesigned their site (and it still needs A LOT of ironing out), the submission forms have changed, etc. I'm not sure why those events put me off submitting (and it's not all that: I just haven't come up with any worthwhile tee ideas lately), but I'm going to try to start subbing again.
The focus of the contest was to create a design inspired by Spidey doing battle with his foes. And, since I was fairly certain that 90% of the submissions would be battle-scenes, I tried to go in a smarter direction. For, as any seasoned general will tell you, going into battle without having observed the enemy (their strengths, weaknesses, and motive) is a grave mistake.
I wanted to utilize the prominence of photography in the Spider-Man universe, and a makeshift darkroom set up in the bathroom seemed like a worth starting point. The rest evolved from there. Mind you the inspiration and execution behind this one all took place in a little over a week, so there are certain things I would prefer to perfect or redo if I had more time, but, as I seem to do often, I put it off until the last minute. Still, my Spider-Sense is quite content with the final product.

Final Product:

Close-up of Villians:
Characters © Marvel Comics
Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hip Princess

Another Adventure Time fan-art piece: this one is of Bubblegum as a hipster waiting to get into a show (probably for some bands you've probably never heard of...probably). Funnily enough, I spent more time on this piece than I did on the other AT pieces I've done, and it received less of a response on Tumblr. Either I strayed too far from the actual look and feel of the show...or it proves that less really is more (although, if you think about it, those two reasons are essentially one in the same).
There were many different color schemes/lighting effects I tried for this one, and I settled on this look for a particular reason. I went to see Beach House with a good friend recently, and, while waiting outside for the show, in the chill, October weather, there was this warm light cast by the last rays of sun, illuminating us and everything around with a yellowish sheen. It was a beautiful way for the day to end and a wonderful opening for what, truly, was the best show I've been to in my life so far. So, even though the performance of this piece wasn't as awesome as I wanted it to be for the effort I put into it, it does hold that sense of accomplishment at recreating part of an endearing life experience, for whatever it's worth to you folks.

Character © Pendelton Ward
Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen