Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There's a Spider in the Bathroom

Barely coming in under the submission-deadline wire, here is my entry for the Threadless + Spider-Man  design contest. I haven't really been inspired to do anything for Threadless in a while: they've redesigned their site (and it still needs A LOT of ironing out), the submission forms have changed, etc. I'm not sure why those events put me off submitting (and it's not all that: I just haven't come up with any worthwhile tee ideas lately), but I'm going to try to start subbing again.
The focus of the contest was to create a design inspired by Spidey doing battle with his foes. And, since I was fairly certain that 90% of the submissions would be battle-scenes, I tried to go in a smarter direction. For, as any seasoned general will tell you, going into battle without having observed the enemy (their strengths, weaknesses, and motive) is a grave mistake.
I wanted to utilize the prominence of photography in the Spider-Man universe, and a makeshift darkroom set up in the bathroom seemed like a worth starting point. The rest evolved from there. Mind you the inspiration and execution behind this one all took place in a little over a week, so there are certain things I would prefer to perfect or redo if I had more time, but, as I seem to do often, I put it off until the last minute. Still, my Spider-Sense is quite content with the final product.

Final Product:

Close-up of Villians:
Characters © Marvel Comics
Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen


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