Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crossing Over: Beginning Stages

These are the first stages of a collaboration I'm working on with a fellow Threadless-er. It's a rather complicated concept, but it will make sense in time. In the meantime, enjoy watching it unfold piece by piece.
I'm trying to develop a few different styles, and this is one of them.
It's quite fun to switch it up a bit once in a while (in my case for the first time).

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Woman

Another sketchbook re-work.
Don't ask me what it means.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is a more realistic version of Finn and Jake from the show Adventure Time, courtesy my sketchbook. I added some splashes of their telltale bright colors just to detract from the seriousness of it all.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Hunter of Souls

Another touch-up of a work sketch. All I had planned when I started this was to have a hunter of some kind with a wolf head for a hood and to have the guy standing in a stream. The rest just came about as I worked. Figured I'd throw in a scary-but-campy title just for fun. Ooogly boogly.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Portrait: Gotye

This is a portrait of Australian singer/songwriter Gotye. I was trying to do something 'artistic' with this one at first (since his music is often times unconventional/artsy/fun) but decided against it; it detracted from the actual likeness.
This one (the linework anyway) was done in a very short span of time (about 10 minutes tops) with a fine-tip Sharpie marker (no pencil before). Some of my friends insisted that I try to pursue a bit more caricature-inspired style when I first began to develop my art, but I decided against it. This is a bit of a return to that type of style. I'll probably do more of these over the course of the upcoming year, for this was great practice for staying focused while having no go-backs (as is easy with pencilwork).

Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen
p.s. Here's a taste of what he sounds like, in case you've never heard his music.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here, Birdie Birdie Birdie...

Exotic, non-existent bird I drew at work.
That is all.
© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The IT Crowd

This is a fan-art piece for the British sitcom, The IT Crowd, which is probably the funniest sitcom I've ever seen. It blows anything (current) from America out of the water: it is quite silly, but it's loads funnier than having to rely on fishing for jokes using stupid/crude/overused subject matter (which is what (most) American comedy has devolved to).
I'll probably post more fan-art pieces in the future. This one was oodles of fun.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Friday, January 20, 2012

All the Beautiful Things

Quick one today: this is another portrait based off Eels lead singer, Mark Oliver Everett. It's also another rework of a sketchbook drawing (added color, background texture, etc).

© 2012 Jeremy Owen
Lyrics used © Mark Oliver Everett

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fear of the Outer Reaches

Posting two today to make up for yesterday.
I've just stumbled upon really messing around with blending modes in Photoshop, and oh man: are they fun! The people who have seen the original of this will likey enjoy seeing the finished product. I'll upload the original later.
This was supposed to be a 'ghost in space' type character, but some of my friends say it reminds them of the Space Kook baddie from Scooby Doo, found here.
Either way, it was super fun to do.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

In Our Hands

This is a retouched work doodle. In the original, it didn't have quite the 'glowy' effect I wanted it to have. This piece can take on the double meaning of 'its our job to make sure the planet doesn't dissolve into chaos (climate change, war, etc)), but it doesn't have to. You can just enjoy it for art.

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Monday, January 16, 2012

Playin' the Deep Blues

This was one that I did for 'Threadwars', a community challenge on Threadless where you battle against another artist (in a round with a common theme), design against design. The theme with this one was 'Aquatic'. This was my final round (as I went up against a well known and respected artist on Threadless), but it was all in good fun, and I really did enjoy making this one. All the details may seem like they took a while to pump out, but this went surprisingly fast (faster than usual anyway).
Who knows? I may redo this one in the future (since it was so much fun to do).

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peach Fuzz

This is a collab between myself and Threadless personality Jake Friedman. I'm remaking his design, 'Peach Fuzz', which can be seen my clicking here.
My 'remake' of his design should go up for scoring, on Threadless, in a day or two. Be sure to vote for it below!

Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen
Concept © 2010 Jake Friedman

Peach Fuzz - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Breaking of the Bat

This is something I drew after the first official trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' debuted. It's revealed in the trailer that there will be a lot of physicality in the fighting (confirming what director Christopher Nolan had said on the matter) and that, at some point, Bruce Wayne will be brought to the point of being unmasked, a feat only possible if overpowered in a fight.
It's unclear as to whether or not the iconic 'breaking of the Bat' will be featured in the film (Bane breaking Wayne's back over his leg), but it certainly would add more depth to the story.
This art piece signifies the strong symbol of Batman (which, to most criminals, means unrelenting justice) being broken and shown to be mortal after all. There are other fan-art pieces that have drawn on this same idea, but I figured I could put a bit of my own spin on it.

Artwork © 2011 Jeremy Owen

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Void

I'm going to perfect this idea for a tee design (eventually). It's a metaphor about the effect 'the unknown' has on our subconscious/everyday-lives. The head part is meant to be less colored, but I did this on a lunch break at work a while ago and wanted to fill up the time with coloring. When this is reworked in the future, the monotone 'head' will signify the routine of the mundane, and the swirling, black-hole abyss, sucking in light and color, signifies how fear of 'the unknown' can lead to eventual structural implosion of the mind (this would have to do more with the mentally-unstable, but we see shadows of it every day in life (worry, worry, worry...)).

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Borrowing Casualties

I guess I'll be posting more from last year, because I've been running into some unexpected gatherings/get-togethers on my days off. I usually spend my free days working on art-pieces, but I've been hanging with friends/family recently.
It's weird but nice. But weird.
This one was a collaboration between a close friend and I: he had most of the concept, and I did all of the 'manual labor'. I tweaked it a bit since it was originally in my sketchbook: added a yellow background, changed the colors/sharpness a bit.
He, per my request, named the piece: its title is 'Borrowing Casualties', case you're interested.

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look Behind You!

This is yet another safety from last year, which is disappointing because that means I've only got one left, and I had the day off today: plenty of time to finish a piece.
I almost got one done, but never in time to meet the deadline. I'm gonna have to up my game from now on.

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Portrait

This is a two-parter since I missed posting yesterday. There's a poem that goes with this one anyway, so that can be make-up for yesterday. This is a self portrait of sorts: not directly representative in appearance, more metaphorical that anything.

The Portrait

Inside the cavity of the mind,
a wall; empty, and collecting time,
save for a solitary vision of mine;

A face: worn and stricken by strife,
with eyes that have seen more than should been seen in a life;
beacons of wisdom, keen as a knife...
yet...growing dull.

Color: bright and all around;
blue, the shade that floats above the ground,
commanding all to be joyful, proud:
never once peering to see within.

For why the facade of happiness,
when inside endless seas, never at rest:
aching, breaking, cold as death,
whose fingers are never far.

Still...the smallest conflagrations flick,
borne on wisps of frigid wind; thick,
like precious stronghold doors, which,
when locked, provide hope.

These: the smallest lights in crowded dark...
is there worth in searching for the distinctive mark
they leave upon even the blackest of hearts?

Tell me: what is a man without, at least, a glimmer
of some bright promise, though made in Winter,
will cease his frame from becoming any thinner
than the lamppost that it is.

For inside every man there is flicker; a flame,
despite its size, can warm his core, however lame
it feels to his name: HIS core it will remain,
and his choice of what to make of it.

A verdict set; the face was and always will be mine,
whether young as child or cragged as the miser with his glass of wine,
bleary but coherent as the tower's chime,
sounding its purpose.

What will be forged with the seconds that remain intact
is a choice that lies with me, either at my worst or at my best,
it is still my choice at that.

I only pray I do not waste it.

Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen
'The Portrait' © 2012 Jeremy Owen

Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is a concept from a friend. He's come to the conclusion that he's an idea person, and we came to an agreement that we'd start to collaborate on some of his ideas (he being the brain, I being the hands).
This was our first fleshed out idea:
It's a picture based on the mustaches but in the form of the pun 'Must-Dash'. His idea was of a mustache running, saying the phrase, in garb of sweatband, running-shoes, and shades. It quickly went places from there: he giving art direction, I complying on paper.
This is the result of our first brainstorm session. I thought it turned out quite well.
(More explanation to be updated.)

Initial sketch:

First draft:

Second draft:
© 2012 Jeremy Owen
Original concept © 2012 Andrew Guatney

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maiden's Hair

This is another one from last year. I had plans to post a '2012' picture, but the simple sketch I set out to do turned into a full fledged design, so that'll make it's debut sometime next week.
This one was inspired by a nature-walk I took with a friend. I was intrigued by how much she was entranced by nature, but when actually stopped to take it in myself, I realized that her wonder/enjoyment of nature isn't really that unwarranted. There is so much beauty in nature: you just have to stop and look at it.
She introduced me to a specific type of fern known as 'Maidenhair'. You can view a sample of it here. What I particularly enjoyed was looking at the underside of the leaves. All the seedpods rest there, and with the sun shining down on top of the leaves, giving them an almost translucent effect...it's really quite something. I definitely recommend you try it sometime.
We discussed the possibility of an art piece arising from our conversation, and this is what came of it.

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Friday, January 6, 2012

Architecture of a Dream

I'm short on time tonight, so I'll post one from last year that never made it to the blog. I have a few more, and may do the same with those (post them on a night when I'm on a schedule).
This is an homage to Christopher Nolan's brilliant film, INCEPTION. If you haven't seen it yet...where have you been?
I designed for Threadless, and they picked it up for a limited, 1-week run on a shirt-line they call DTG (direct to garment). It's a different printing method, and while most DTG's I've purchased are a 'lesser' quality, the quality of mine I was very satisfied with.
Anyway, you can view the original design submission after the picture. You can find your way to the product page for there.

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

Architecture of a Dream - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Thursday, January 5, 2012

'Top 25 Threadless Scores of 2012' Logo

My cool thing for today is a bit of a collaboration. It's the banner for the "Top 25 Scores of 2012" on Threadless, and it's a redone version of last year's. I made the template for 2011's top scoring tee (Budi Satria Kwan's brilliant design, "Just Like Honey" (view it here)). I also changed the numbers on the years and gave it my special design tweaks (small though they may be).
You can visit the blog by clicking here.

© 2011-2012 Jeff Guerrero and Jeremy Owen


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


If you have never seen an episode of Adventure Time, stop whatever it is you're doing and go do so. I don't care how you have to get a hold of some. It's by far the most original, silly, awesome, quality cartoon show out there right now.
This is probably my favorite 'limited' character (he's only appeared in a couple episodes). His name is Magic Man, and (spoiler alert) he's a jerk. I love him for it, though.
To reiterate, GO WATCH ADVENTURE TIME. You will not regret it.

Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen
Character © Pendelton Ward

Here's a clip of Magic Man silliness:


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Ordinary Timing of Lilac Blood Dynamite

This one is based from the face of Mark Oliver Everett, the lead singer of the band Eels, one of my favorites. I nearly went blind doing this one, so I hope it turned okay. I'd hate for the last art piece I ever did before going blind to be anything less than quality. The title is based off a myriad of songs from Hombre Lobo, my favorite Eels record to date.
I tried to go crazy with this one.
Hope it worked.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Monday, January 2, 2012

Travel Well, My Friend

This one came about by me just wanting to do something fun and different. I've been working on line strength: some lines thicker and darker, some thin and detailed. This was my first attempt, and I must say I'm thrilled with how it turned out.
The phrase tattooed across the man's stomach is the best translation I could find of 'Travel Well, My Friend". This character, I guess, is meant to be a world traveler, tattooing himself every time he visits a new place. It was certainly fun to do.
Not promising that all the Project pieces will be this detailed or fleshed out (pun intended), but I'll certainly try.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 'Something Cool Every Day for 1 Year' Project

I've been really lax about getting material out there into the world and it has to stop...and by stop, I guess I mean 'start back up again'. There were many people on Threadless who did this last year and have done this for however many years before that, so I figured 'Hey. Why not me?'
So, from this, January 1, I'm going to try with my utmost ability to create 'something cool' every day for a year.

- Post something new every day
- If a day is skipped, or I was not near a scanner/computer for a few days/week, the next post should include the amount of days missed
- Cool Things can be almost anything that can be uploaded to the internet: photos, poems, songs, art-pieces, sketches, etc

I will be creating a Tumblr for this (and my future art projects), and a link to that should appear in a future post (and eventually on the link sidebar to the right).

For the first cool thing, I decided to create a logo to signify that the piece of 'art' in question belongs to this project. It's not actually that creative or cool, but it, in a way, signifies the hurtles and obstacles I'll need to overcome to meet this goal (for I know this WILL be difficult).
In my defense (for the lack of creativity), I had the worst headache of my entire life (so far) last night, December 31, which makes me want all the more to leave 2011 to the wind.

I WILL see you tomorrow, and, hopefully, all 366 days this leap year.

I hope this song doesn't become the theme to 2012, although I do love it so.

Here we go.