Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Portrait: Gotye

This is a portrait of Australian singer/songwriter Gotye. I was trying to do something 'artistic' with this one at first (since his music is often times unconventional/artsy/fun) but decided against it; it detracted from the actual likeness.
This one (the linework anyway) was done in a very short span of time (about 10 minutes tops) with a fine-tip Sharpie marker (no pencil before). Some of my friends insisted that I try to pursue a bit more caricature-inspired style when I first began to develop my art, but I decided against it. This is a bit of a return to that type of style. I'll probably do more of these over the course of the upcoming year, for this was great practice for staying focused while having no go-backs (as is easy with pencilwork).

Artwork © 2012 Jeremy Owen
p.s. Here's a taste of what he sounds like, in case you've never heard his music.

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