Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 'Something Cool Every Day for 1 Year' Project

I've been really lax about getting material out there into the world and it has to stop...and by stop, I guess I mean 'start back up again'. There were many people on Threadless who did this last year and have done this for however many years before that, so I figured 'Hey. Why not me?'
So, from this, January 1, I'm going to try with my utmost ability to create 'something cool' every day for a year.

- Post something new every day
- If a day is skipped, or I was not near a scanner/computer for a few days/week, the next post should include the amount of days missed
- Cool Things can be almost anything that can be uploaded to the internet: photos, poems, songs, art-pieces, sketches, etc

I will be creating a Tumblr for this (and my future art projects), and a link to that should appear in a future post (and eventually on the link sidebar to the right).

For the first cool thing, I decided to create a logo to signify that the piece of 'art' in question belongs to this project. It's not actually that creative or cool, but it, in a way, signifies the hurtles and obstacles I'll need to overcome to meet this goal (for I know this WILL be difficult).
In my defense (for the lack of creativity), I had the worst headache of my entire life (so far) last night, December 31, which makes me want all the more to leave 2011 to the wind.

I WILL see you tomorrow, and, hopefully, all 366 days this leap year.

I hope this song doesn't become the theme to 2012, although I do love it so.

Here we go.

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