Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maiden's Hair

This is another one from last year. I had plans to post a '2012' picture, but the simple sketch I set out to do turned into a full fledged design, so that'll make it's debut sometime next week.
This one was inspired by a nature-walk I took with a friend. I was intrigued by how much she was entranced by nature, but when actually stopped to take it in myself, I realized that her wonder/enjoyment of nature isn't really that unwarranted. There is so much beauty in nature: you just have to stop and look at it.
She introduced me to a specific type of fern known as 'Maidenhair'. You can view a sample of it here. What I particularly enjoyed was looking at the underside of the leaves. All the seedpods rest there, and with the sun shining down on top of the leaves, giving them an almost translucent's really quite something. I definitely recommend you try it sometime.
We discussed the possibility of an art piece arising from our conversation, and this is what came of it.

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

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