Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is a concept from a friend. He's come to the conclusion that he's an idea person, and we came to an agreement that we'd start to collaborate on some of his ideas (he being the brain, I being the hands).
This was our first fleshed out idea:
It's a picture based on the mustaches but in the form of the pun 'Must-Dash'. His idea was of a mustache running, saying the phrase, in garb of sweatband, running-shoes, and shades. It quickly went places from there: he giving art direction, I complying on paper.
This is the result of our first brainstorm session. I thought it turned out quite well.
(More explanation to be updated.)

Initial sketch:

First draft:

Second draft:
© 2012 Jeremy Owen
Original concept © 2012 Andrew Guatney

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