Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Barrage from the Past 14

I recently spent a night rooting through all my old drawing stuff (sketches, brainstorms, old sketchbooks), and I stumbled upon some of my old works that I still actually like. There's enough old/new material to have for days when I don't feel up to cranking out a new one (enough for about 1-2 weeks worth). And guess what: today was supposed to be one of those days. I was going to post this one by itself, but I remember enjoying the process of drawing this one that it felt wrong not to color it. Its subject matter has to deal with Cornelia Funke's book "Inkspell." It's the second book of the trilogy known as the "Inkworld" books. The series is a great read if you like fantasy type material. You'll have to read the books, but the woman on the hill is the Inkworld's idea of our 'Grim Reaper', but there is no one "White Woman" in the Inkworld: there are many, and they only appear when someone is near death. No one knows whether they come to comfort the dying person or take the person's soul for themselves.
Its a great part in the book. I really recommend reading it, even if you don't like fantasy stuff much. I didn't like how the coloring was going at first, but with a few tricks, I managed to make a complete mess and still make it look somewhat passable for a picture. Hope you like it.

Original Sketchbook Version:

2010 Color Version

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