Sunday, October 3, 2010

You're Getting Warmer!

Global warming/climate change is always a relevant issue, whether it is actually happening at the rate the media says it is or not. Taking it in a less seriously light could help spread awareness: a tee with a message, however 'non-serious' it is. The idea was to have the planets be at a party, playing a party game, perhaps Marco Polo/Hotter, Colder.
The Earth is moving closer to the Sun, hence the title. This will probably go over people's heads without a speech bubble coming from the Sun, saying: "You're Getting Warmer!" But we'll see.
This only took about an hour and a half collectively from start to finish, fairly quick. I didn't do a lot of effects because it is for a t-shirt. Hope you like it.
Final score: 2.51/5

© 2010 Jeremy Owen

1 comment:

  1. In my imagination the sun is still smiling, while the planets have a look of sheer horror.