Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Literature Comes Alive

This one has been a long time coming (and after looking at it, you'll know why). The idea behind this one (because, of course, you need some clarification) is of words coming to life when we read them. Some stories are so beautifully written that the words seem to jump off the page. In this picture, I wanted to convey what that would be like if a child was reading. Often times, a child has a different perspective on life or will take certain words a different way than, say, older people. In that sense, the way the picture is colored comes into play. Some of the areas are clearer than others. Some areas have a messy but somehow enchanting quality. In this way, I wanted to try to capture those moments of awe and wonder I had reading as a child. To this day, I find children's books (not many, but a select few) better than books written for adults. Maybe it's because the authors never really grew up and want to preserve that childlike quality. Maybe it's because I haven't grown up completely.
Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy this one. As always, you can take it however you want to: this could just be a cool picture to you (if indeed you DO think it's cool). I just thought I'd share the deeper meaning behind it.

And here's how it would go on a tee:

© 2010 Jeremy Owen