Friday, May 18, 2012

The Moon Gondolier

This piece, as most of mine, came from doodling around. I've been working to refine my style a bit (and play around with it), and this is one of the experiments. I tried to come up with a story for this guy; an unseen man that, every night, gondoliers the moon through the sky. One this particular night, the rower gets to enjoy a fireworks display.
This took a long while (as I'm working 40+ hours at work now (summer's ramping up)), but I'm quite proud of the end result. It made me push myself to play around with shapes and colors and style, and it will definitely be one of many. I hope to post more often (I'm going to buy a Wacom soon and hopefully get a working scanner in the meantime).

© 2012 Jeremy Owen


  1. Man, your blog is great and the art too!
    But pleaaase turn off the automatic music player, it's so loud and makes me jump to the ceiling everytime I go on your blog ;-)

    all the best, Anna-Maria (Queenmob)

  2. Awesome Jeremy, looks great! Wacom tablets are so awesome, makes work so much quicker. Excited for you.