Friday, August 23, 2013

Eternal Lightning, Infinite Thunder

This is my entry for the The Mighty Thor contest on Threadless. Even though I'm not particularly familiar with any of the Thor mythology (either historical or in the comics world), I've still always been struck by the powerful silhouette and majestic nature of The God of Thunder, and I wanted to portray that with this piece. Even though you can't see his face (or some of his more distinguishable features), I wanted to make it easy to identify who it is just from his powerful stance and choice tool.
I'm getting faster at laying down vast amounts of details in my work (as well as pushing toward a slightly more impressionistic flair with my style), and I'm quite content with how this one turned out. Hopefully I can discipline myself to churn out work a bit faster and in higher doses. Here's to hoping!
Thor © Marvel
Artwork © 2013 Jeremy Owen

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