Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Yo, Aid-wee-ann"

I guess that this one was a bit of an update on an older picture too, but that's ok: it happens. This was, yet again, another one from work that was made using only pen. It's getting easier and easier to visualize where I want to go with the picture AND actually translating what's in my head without the use of pencil and, more importantly, erasers. It's not perfect: the proportions could be a bit off, but I'm happy with it. It's only the third big picture I've done without pencil that I can remember (well, that's probably not entirely accurate, but you get the picture), so the process is moving along swimmingly. I might not post again for a week or so (I'll be house sitting, working, and trying to hang out with a bunch of friends before they go either back to mounds of homework OR away to school many miles away (the nearest college is probably 2 hours drive away.) We'll see though. I've surprised myself before, but I suppose looking into the mirror early in the morning doesn't count.

© 2010 Jeremy Owen

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