Sunday, September 12, 2010

Montgomery Burns

The last couple of posts have had a more 'serious' tone to them, so I think it's time to lighten it up. This is, again, another design for Threadless. I probably said this before, but I'll say it again: a lot (if not all) of my posts, for a while, will be designs for t-shirts. I know I can do it: I know I can get chosen. Doesn't matter if I have to come up with 79 designs first. I'm not going to give least not until I have to do design 80. *crickets chirping*
This one has to do with "The Simpsons". Some of the people I know (mostly my family) don't like The Simpsons, but I think a big part of that might be that it's kind of a 'generational thing', 'generational' meaning they might think the humor a bit 'low-brow' or 'silly'; 'generational' also like 'The Twist' was to my grandparents and what leg warmers were to my parents. You can fill in the blanks from there.
From the title of this post, you can guess what it entails. It's a little unconventional, but, as I stated a few posts ago, unconventional is good. Go ahead. Quote me.
I tried to make the man look like a 'realistic' version of Smithers, to give it a more "Simpsons-y" vibe. It might take you a second to see it, and yes, it could be said that this isn't the best pun I've come up with, but...just give me this. I don't have much else. *again, crickets chirping*
Whether or not you like The Simpsons or not, I hope you enjoy the picture. And for those you who don't know The Simpsons that well, here's what I'm getting at: for a picture of Montgomery Burns, click here.
Final score: 2.22/5

© 2010 Jeremy Owen

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  1. That's the spirit, Jeremy! Keep at it!

    - Isaac (on Jack's profile...=S)