Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daily Sketch #1

I've decided to do 1 pen sketch per day (for as long a period of time as I can). I've found I need to challenge myself in my art more: I'm getting stuck drawing the same sorts of things, so...I'll be trying to draw different things: different angles, different subject matter, etc.
Most of these will probably be work sketches (on my break), and will therefore be pretty rudimentary (and not very touched up). With this first one, I've decided to 'doll-up' a little bit, as a starting-point treat (I guess). I'm going to try to post these as often as I can, along with other works that I finish (either personal or for Threadless). I've got a few backed up that I haven't posted yet, so expect some more in the near, near future (hopefully).
This one doesn't really have any origin. It's partially based off of a friend, and, as I said before, was done on a 10-minute break at work.
Stay tuned!

© 2011 Jeremy Owen

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