Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Again, this is out of sequence. I really should update the blog more often (I've got about 3 or 4 pictures backlogged).

This one was for the Threadless Loves 'Your Favorite Tee' competition: a contest in which the objective is to design a t-shirt you'd wear 7 days in a row...with a grand prize, if deemed the winner, of $10,000. That's a loddadough, people.
So...for this one, I tried to fit everything I like in a tee...onto a tee. I like tees that have a large print/good joke/design that makes people look at it for more than a fleeting glance. I tried to capture that with this one. Not sure if I succeeded, and I doubt this will win the contest, but...you never know. It was fun to do anyway.
Hope you like it.


© 2011 Jeremy Owen

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