Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Darkness Bursts Inspiration

This one is for the 'Threadless Loves You' contest, a competition that's centered around you (whatever that might entail). This one is a metaphor for the inception of creativity, where it comes from. Often, a person can draw inspiration of creativity from a dark experience or wearing trial, what, at the time, might seem the last place you'd draw from. Many a time in my life have I put on paper what I'm going through, either in word or line, trying to find the reason it's happening or what its purpose will ultimately serve.
I initially went with a very toned down color palette for this one until I realized that this contest was supposed to reflect what I'm like (or, at least, what I enjoy in a tee design). I love designs that push the boundaries aesthetically: vibrant colors that bring an original vision to life.
I'm not sure if I achieved a high level of originality (or what I achieved with this one at all), but it's refreshing to try something different; to push yourself to create something that is outside the norm of what you usually do. Try it; I can tell you that you won't regret it.

© 2012 Jeremy Owen

I'll post a link to the scoring page as soon as this goes up.

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