Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friends I Have Known #8

Ah. Another friend picture. This friend is actually quite new. A couple of weeks ago she was just an acquaintance through other friends, but I've been getting to know her better through school. At least I think she considers me a friend. Hopefully something better than just a 'friend of a friend', or, as she would say, "That Guy I sit next to in Math Class." She'll understand what I mean. hee hee hee
The picture itself combined some elements I'd been waiting to try out in Photoshop, namely the use of layers...and more importantly the possibilities they offer. The plaid of the jacket is not my design (I don't have that much patience, people...), rather a pattern found on Google Images...but used in just the right way...
I really like how the coat turned out. It actually was exactly what I was hoping it would look like.
Enjoy this one. I certainly did.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
Oh, and by the way...that W on the's actually not a W. It's an upside-down M. She'll understand that as well.


  1. oh hey look its chelsie...i think

  2. :) you just drew my best friend :) love it! i knew without reading it was her... i was with her with she got the coat... and you're an amazing aritist so it obviously looks just like her haha :)
    oh...and for the person above me,it's spelled Chelsea :)