Sunday, October 25, 2009

Huhwhahuh #6

Not really sure where this one came from. The closest I can come to an explanation is a picture I saw a while ago from on of my favorite (and, sadly, deceased) artists Mike Wieringo. He drew comics for franchises such as Spider-Man and Fantastic Four but also had many creations/series entirely his own. And one thing he used to do was take a comic character/ordinary situation...and draw it with animals in the place where humans should be. There was one where he used a bear, and that's kinda where this started...except I think the bear was in military commander uniform. It's great to look at and fun to imagine. So I guess this subject matter is a kinda of homage to his memory.
As for this specific situation...hmmm. I've been trying to draw more animals lately since I draw people almost every post. We'll see how many different animals I can get on here. I think these turned out ok.
You can find a link Mike Wieringo's blog here. See if you can find the picture I was talking about. I think it's kinda old...toward the end.
Anyway, hope this one was worth the wait.

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