Sunday, January 17, 2010

Would You Love Me More If... #2

...We Were Both Tattoo Artists?
Continuing with the theme, some individuals just wish that someone would notice them (or what they do at least), and have them think that you're cool or hardcore. I'm sure that's why some people get tattooed up: they want others to regard them with respect or awe. Tattoos are painful, no matter what the tough guy says, and therefore demand a certain measure of respect. If by the preceding couple of sentences you think that I am against tattoos, it's quite the opposite. I plan on getting a few later in life (when I've got enough money...and certainly not to impress anyone in particular.)
This one took awhile, I know, but I wanted to make sure it came out the way I really wanted it to. I had to experiment with how to fill out the tattoos to make them look just right. Then I wanted a good graphic background to go with it (kind-of tattoo oriented), and that took a bit of thinking and experimenting as well. But I think, overall, I'm satisfied with the end result. It looks almost perfect to the picture I had in my mind's eye when I set out to make this one (although any artist will tell you that it never comes out looking just how you want it to.)
© 2010 Jeremy Owen

P.S. Follow the link here to listen to the song that helped me create this picture.



  1. Now, this is indeed quite good. The tattoos turned out quite well. I will say, though, that I'm not for tats, not particularly. If I ever got a tattoo, it'd be on my ring finger, and if I was crazy enough, I'd tattoo a reference to Romans 6:18 on the back of my head, with slave printed beneath it. I think that something of such a . . . I shall say "permanent" nature, I'd say they should carry with them some reminder or purpose. It's very easy to, without close inspection, misinterpret the nature and purpose of tattoos. For that reason, I'd avoid them, save the ring tattoo, which I actually think may be more appropriate than an actual ring, because it is so permanent, helping to remind us that no matter what, no matter the sins of ourselves or the sins of our spouses, through God's grace through Jesus, we can resolve and increase the joy of all relationships, especially marriage.

  2. 教育的目的,不在應該思考什麼,而是教吾人怎樣思考.........................