Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The subject matter of today's post (as well as the picture for some of you) has/will caused/cause much controversy among parents and critics alike: are we supposed to spank our children as a form of punishment? First of all, for those of you who have unresolved issues, let me try to put things into terms you understand. Spanking a child, in the right context, is not abuse, but you wouldn't know that unless you've been spanked in your lifetime. The process, as was done in my life, should go like this: after the child has done something wrong or inappropriate, the parent needs to take the child aside, and tell the child what he/she has done wrong. They should then tell the child that they love them, but that that (love) doesn't change the fact that what they've done is wrong. Then, after it's been explained why they're getting the spanking, administer the spanking. Afterward, reaffirm with the child the reason for the spanking and that you love them even though they do what they aren't supposed to sometimes. If the child understands why the use of spanking is being administered, they'll know what will bring it about and, hopefully, will shy away from 'wrong' behavior.
That being said, you'll know what the true context for spanking is: the picture, however, may not live up to the actual way in which discipline should be administered. There are parents out there that, as soon as the child does something 'wrong', will take the child over their knee so fast, the kid won't know what to do. The picture today, then, is a representation of that: kids that need a little more reminding of not to do naughty things. Bear in mind that it's just a picture: actually, the idea is not my own. You can find the original picture here, the work of a group of friends I'm sure feel the same way I do about spanking, that it's okay to do in the right context...or they were just messing around. Probably a mix of both.

Original idea © Jake Hanna, Donald Schipper, Jeremiah Paulsen, and any other minions involved
© 2010 Jeremy Owen

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