Thursday, July 2, 2009

Putting Old Mother Hubbard to Shame

I recently finished a children's book called 100 Cupboards. It's a story about a boy that goes to live with his aunt and uncle in the country and while there discovers a wall full of cupboards underneath the plaster of his bedroom wall. And each different cupboard is a portal into another place or time. It's pretty good for a children's book: the storyline is very involved (which I won't go into here.)
But there is an evil witch that comes out of one of the cupboards, in search of the boy, for he is the last key to her dastardly plan. On the outside, she appears to be a beautiful queen, befuddling the senses. But when she coughs, she turns into a ugly old hag, intent on killing anyone who gets in the way of her plans.
I wanted to show both sides of the queen/witch, so I've drawn one of the cupboards to be a sort of mirror, to reflect what is truely there (just outside of your sight).
The witch is blind, so her eyes aren't even right when she tries to trick the characters. I'm sure you can guess where they went by looking at the reflection.
I cannot take credit for the design of two of the cupboards: the one with the two knobs and the one with light coming out of it. Those are designs from the book cover. you go (finally).

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
Select cupboard designs © 2007 Jeff Nentrup
Characters © N. D. Wilson

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