Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Are All Mad Here

There's a new version of Alice in Wonderland coming out in March of 2010, a live-action adapation for theaters. I'm excited that they finally decided to do this. We'll see if it turns out ok. It's being done by Tim Burton, and the production stills so far look as quirky and crazy as the book(s) are. It could be good: I hope it stays truer to the story than the animated version. It looks promising in that aspect because the White Queen has been cast, and she is only in "Though the Looking Glass," the second part of Alice in Wonderland.
I'll have a trailer up as soon as one becomes avalible. For now, a humble tribute to the old, animated Disney version. The Chesire Cat was very hard to color (the stripes about killed me.) It was a good challenge though. Hope you all enjoy it.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen
Alice in Wonderland logo © 2009 Walt Disney Pictures

How far down does the rabbit hole go?


  1. ... yes ... Yes ... YES ... YES!!

    - !$@@(

  2. Cool Jeremy! India is pretty excited about the movie too. I just posted a huge update on my blog with pics of you and all the gang from our trip up there. There is a pic of India looking very "Alice".

    Oh, and I linked to your blog. Hope you don't mind. I LOVE your art!