Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This one's about connections. It's a harsh image of kindred spirits, but it's very emotional as well. It's Trent Reznor: the man behind Nine Inch Nails (and his new band How to Destroy Angels) and the big man himself: Johnny Cash. Both had amazing things going for them, and both got into hard drugs and slipped into depression. It took going down to the bottom for both to see they'd thrown everything away. Cash found his way before he died: he's singing with the angels now. Trent...he's still looking, trying to figure out what to call his own. I hope he finds it someday, I really do. The other thing they have in common is that they both did a song, but the order is off. You'd imagine that Trent loved Cash's work and covered one of his songs. But, if you've paid attention to either of the artists' careers, you'll know it was the exact opposite. Trent wrote a song, and it really spoke to Cash I suppose. Just give the song a listen, and you'll understand. You can see the original version (well, it's live, but it's decent) here. Cash's cover is here, but what's more, Reznor's thoughts on Cash's cover here.
As always, more to come. Thanks for staying tuned. It means a lot.

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