Saturday, June 26, 2010

"It's All In Your Head..."

There was recently a video game that came out called "Alan Wake" (trailer here, info here), with the teaser that it was going to be something new: a "psychological thriller game". I'll let you find what it's about, but the themes borrow heavily from horror/thriller greats like Steven King. And one new mechanic that hasn't been in any other game so far is using light as a weapon. Again, you'll need to follow the link to read about the plot, but I found the notion to be very intriguing and was inspired by the early trailers that came out for the game. One of the ways of using light in the game is a flare (which provides a short, safe haven for Alan when he encounters multiple enemies or obstacles as you play through the game). Just watch the trailer (and even look at more on YouTube for commentary about it). This is a good one here. It looks really interesting to me, but it might not be to you.
On a side note, this was another one that I drew at work using only pen. Alan and the background faces I drew: the rest was Photoshop. More up soon.

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