Friday, May 22, 2009

A Barrage from the Past: Day 3

Both of these are pics inspired by Coldplay's last studio 'album', Viva la Vida. I was going to try to draw a pic of every song...I loved that album. The idea quickly died...I don't know why. But these two made it out of my head before the enthusiasm wore off. The first was inspired by a line from the song '42', the line that goes, "Those who are dead are not dead...they're just living in my head." It just gave me a really strong mental picture, the best material for drawing a picture.

The second pic was inspired by "Strawberry Swing." First time I heard it, this image of a girl/woman swinging came into my head. It's great when stuff like that just hits you. That way you have a really clear idea instead of just a random correlation of thoughts that get you nowhere of paper after about 2 hours sitting at a desk trying to draw the first line. Hope you enjoy them. I enjoyed making them.


"Strawberry Swing":

© 2008 Jeremy Owen


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