Sunday, May 17, 2009

You know what I don't hate?...I don't hate vests...

As some of you may know by the name of the post, this drawing is about Left 4 Dead. I think it's amusing that in the beginning everyone thought that this game was going to be super scary and nerve-wracking, but we've come to see that it's actually pretty funny sometimes. You'll see what I mean after the pics. They're a little older (last year), but I was satisfied with many aspects of it...especially Bill's face (far left).

You know the drill. Here's the original:

And here's the colored version (pre-Photoshop):

© 2008 Jeremy Owen
And here's the bit of hilarity I promised you. People come up with the strangest things sometimes:



  1. Impressive. So far, I think this is your best post (quality-wise). All thumbs up!
    - !$@@(

  2. thats amazing!
    and i love how you added a idiot box cclip at the end