Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Barrage from the Past 13

Sorry if it seems I'm going with the same subject matter two days in a row, but that's just how it ended up. This was the only picture I had scanned from last year, and I didn't feel like coloring a whole new picture far into the night. And that whole story is the truth. And I'm hungry.
I did this one in time for Halloween last year, and got it up just in time for...Christmas this year? I don't know. All I know is that this one was inspired by (again, sorry if this seems cheep) Tim Burton. The characters he comes up with are so funny looking and lovable to me. Morbid, yes, but also enjoyable. I thought I'd have a stab at coming up with my own characters to fit into his world. This one was colored pre-Photoshop. I added a few filters and changed the lighting and color-scheme up a bit. I'll try to have some legitimate pictures (from this year) up by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

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