Tuesday, December 22, 2009

...On a Three Child Laiden Sleigh...

Everybody fantasizes about getting on their sled and going down the perfect hill.: this is just an exaggerated version. I'm not really that into sledding, or even going out into the snow for that matter, but I know a great many people who love the snow and would rather have it than rain. I think that's absurd, but that's probably because snow froze on the road recently and caused me to crash into the back of a parked car (and no, I wasn't going fast.)
But with Christmas time comes snow, and snow in pictures leads to not-so-much coloring on my part. So I think for the next few posts I'll try to get as much snow in the pictures as I can (this one took about 1/3 of the time yesterday's picture took.) Hope you like it.

© 2009 Jeremy Owen

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